Fresh & Healthy Ingredients

  • Most items are made on the school site by the fully qualified chefs and bakers, including almost all of the bread. 
  • Only natural products, free from artificial flavouring or other additives and of the highest quality are used.
  • The minced meat used in the school cafeteria is ground on location assuring the best quality of meat and avoiding any soya or other additives. 
  • The chefs at AAS make their own pasta in the school kitchen from scratch, by mixing just eggs, flour and a hint of olive oil.
  • LFS does not prepare any type of deep-fried food. All such dishes are oven baked without adding vast amounts of oil.
  • Freshly squeezed natural juices are from a certified supplier or are prepared on site, without adding sugar or any other additives to the preparations.

Variety of Choices

  • Where the offer includes pork or beef, a chicken dish is always on the menu too.
  • Vegetarian or vegan options are offered every mealtime.
  • All dishes have ingredients listed to assist those with food allergies to make good choices. 

The caterer uses a cashless electronic card payment system which reduces queueing and is more hygenic. Payments to accounts can be made by bank transfer, credit card, e-pay and cash.